2015-2016 Patrons


Patrons of the Arts

The DelVecchio Family
The Sumakeris Family
Brian Myers
The Wendorf Family
The Baker Family
Rick and Sandy Fore
The Geidel Family
The Claxton-Harris Family
I. Vauclain
The Lloyd Family


Patrons of Music

Audrey Shelly & Chuck Hunley
The Sciortino Family
The Mathura Family
The Rossi Family
The Bowman Family
Dick and Georgia Orchard
The Shin Family
Gary and Kathy Powell
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Kelly
Xiaoping and Wenkun Wu
The Everson Family
Lloyd & Rhonda Hinnant
The Prabhu Family
The Maleki Family



The Dorn Family
The Boletchek Family
The Milazzo Family
The Lim Family
The Humphlett Family
Anu Gokhale
Frank Laney
Darrell and Carol Cross
Jackie Rossi



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