Each family has the opportunity to subsidize fair share with student account fundraising. Any amount raised from these opportunities will go directly towards the student’s account and applied toward the next fair share payment. Student Fair Share pays for travel (transportation, lodging, meals), show design, instruction/staff, uniform/costume maintenance, props, equipment, truck rental/maintenance, and field maintenance.


Enjoy top-name artists while earning money towards your Fair Share! The Summer Concert series at Walnut Creek draws thousands of attendees from April through October. The Green Hope Band is charged with staffing three beverage stands at these events. Student accounts are often credited in excess of $90 per concert worked.

Working times are generally 5pm – 11pm. We only have opportunity for approx. 10 people at each event so it’s important to sign up early. Prior to working, you must attend Team Training, a free 2-hour course offered by the NC Alcohol Commission.

Contact Green Hope Band Walnut Creek Coordinator, Susan Lawson at for more information.



You already buy groceries… earn money while you shop! For every $100 spent, you’ll earn 5% from Food Lion or 6% from Lowe’s Foods. This is applied directly toward your student account. Many families earn up to $300 towards their student account.

Contact Green Hope Band Grocery Card Coordinator, Heather Blythe at or (919) 244-5586 for more information or complete the form below to get started:


When you purchase gift cards through the Shop with Scrip program, a percentage of the purchase price is credited to your student account! Gift cards are available for hundreds of retailers.

Register now using the link below or contact Green Hope Band Scrip Coordinator, Heather Blythe at or (919) 244-5586 for more information.

Enrollment Code: E671197L24934


Each year between July and September, Green Hope Band sells GoPlaySave books. Each book contains great offers from many local merchants. We ask all GHHS band students and their families to participate in this fundraiser. Books retail for $30. For each book sold, 45% of the retail price ($13.50) is credited to your student account.

Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to purchase a GoPlaySave Book to help you earn money for your account. Books are available in soft-cover as well as online/mobile!

For questions regarding the GoPlaySave program, contact GHHS Band GoPlaySave Coordination, Lieve Saelens at