Green Hope High School Band Online Registration

Please read this carefully...

Returning Students and Parents:
You don't need to create a new login. Please use the existing login you created before to register. If you forget your login password, click Lost your password? link, and then enter your email or user name. The system will send an email to your email account. Follow the instruction in the email to reset your password.

New Students:
If you are new and never created a login before, you will need to create a login first in order to register. To create a new login, click here to create your login. . Students will be able to choose their own user name and password.

New Parents:
Parents don't create login by themselves. Parent login will be created after student enters and submits parents’ information during registration process. Be sure to ask your kid write down your (parent’s) user name and password before continuing. An email including parent’s user name and password will also be sent to parent’s email account.

About Emails:
Email has to be unique for each person (student or parent). Email address can not be shared between students (siblings), or between a student and a parent, or between parents. You can use your email address instead of your user name to login.

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