As stated in this organization’s By-Laws, the purpose of the Green Hope High School Band Boosters is to support and cooperate with the Green Hope High School Band Director in those activities and programs identified by the Director for the Green Hope Band and the auxiliary groups associated with that Band. This organization will also promote this band to our community and the State of North Carolina.

Membership is open to individuals or families interested in the Green Hope High School Band Program. Any student participating in the Green Hope High School Band Program and one or more parents are automatically members. For full information on the Band Boosters, download the Band Boosters By-Laws.


President: Tobey Lopez

Past President: Lloyd Hinnant

Vice President, Fundraising: OPEN

Vice President, Communications: Chris Mathura

Treasurer: Priya Mahadevan

Vice President, Logistics: Jan Boletchek

Vice President, Chaperones: Maressa Mathura

Band Director: Brian Myers

I am so thankful [my daughter] has found such a supportive group of kids who share the same passion... we are ecstatic she can be a part of something special and bigger than any individual.

– Justin, Band Parent



Chair, Alumni: OPEN

Art in Motion: OPEN

Asst. Treasurer: Carla Wilson

Asst. Treasurer: Rhonda Hinnant

Asst. Treasurer: Rick Muise

Band Camp: Jen Milazzo

Color Guard: Christina Rossi

Corresponding Secretary: Tobey Lopez

First Aid: Joan Turner, Edie Chao

Front Ensemble: Craig Barber

Fundraising – Events: OPEN

Fundraising – Grants: OPEN

Fundraising – Sales: OPEN

Fundraising – Patron & Corporate: Lloyd Hinnant

Historian: Gil Araya, Danielle Goldberg

Indoor Percussion: Susan Harper

New Member Liaison: Ami Claxton

Props: Rich Denbow

Publicity/Media: Carrie Cassidy

Social/Hospitality: Bess Broich

Spirit Wear: Daphne Humphlett

Uniforms: Audrey Shelly

Webmaster: Lani Hudgins


Our board meetings are open to all Booster members. Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month, usually in the Media Center at Green Hope High School.

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